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Handwritten diaries found from Basel in Uk from 1950's

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Hello from UK. I wonder if you can help me? I was given a couple of hand written 'diary/autograph books with the name Esther Moosmann from Basel. I have been trying to find whoever wrote them, they date from around 1955 ish. They contain wonderful drawings and messages from her schoolfriends. They are in German and I do not speak it - so I have been trying to translate online.
I would love to return them to the person but have drawn a blank trying to find her. The album has a photo too and some schoolfriends names. Can anyone help me please? I would love to return this to the lady or her relatives. I have also contacted; Elisabeth Ackermann, Regierungspräsidentin Basel-Stadt whom I believe is your Mayor in Basel?

Here is a little I have tried to translate - though rather poorly I'm afraid -
Esther Moosmann
Page One:
with the joy of the painful womanly dutch the times, Ichwere hurme, wild weste Banse Forgen, happy firm wandering jur ieiten. Jebe that. who dares over us with a right scale, every sense of his sufferings. Into the new days
Dedicated 1951 jum Christmas by your Godparents Hanny and Hans

Page Two:
As a souvenir. Want to be Dugluckinin in Life, TrWant to be Dugluckinin in life, wear at zWant to be Dugluckinin in life, carry with To AnderWant to be Dugluckinin in Life, Wear for other Gluck, For the joy that we give, turn to the eig'ne heart!
In cordial everyone deme Girlfriend Bea Frech

Page Three:
Self-confidence is for man what the ballast for the ship, it is too heavy charged, sinks to leisht charged, it fluctuates. Your friend Jrixli Siechti. Basel den, 6 January 1956

Page Four:
To the memory hope Not, Fresh time at snope, find nothing that breaks dit, and enjoy what you have. J.C Lavater Dedicated by your fellow student Ursula Locker Basel, 19 Jan 1955

Page Five:
TO THE ANDENKEN Three angels mogen accompany you In your whole CV, And these angels mogen hot: Happiness, Blessing sanity and satisfaction Of your comrade Vrene Riesen, Basel, the 17,11,53

Page Six:
For the memory of never forget the homeland Where your cradle stood, you will find in the Serne No second homeland. Ursula Kiefer , Basel, 21 November 1952

Page Seven:
As a reminder! Live happy life happy, Like the mouse, In oat straw! Your school friend Ursula Graf , Basel , the 14. 1. 1952

Page Eight:
Be brave in LIFE do your duty and show the day no tortoise-face over the foolish just one who has the WACHTt it better than you thought it. Your schoolmate , Rita Adler

Page Nine:
Noble be the man, helpful and good, For that alone, Anterycheidet him From all beings We know Basel the 1.10.1952 Your schoolmate Eseline Horrer

Page Ten:
For the memory roses tulips carnations All flowers wither, only the one wel ket not which is called Forgetmeinicht Basel the 17.11.52 Eva Kern Von your school friend

Page Eleven:
Keepsake work is the warmest slerning fresh spring in the Wustensand ltab and fremole and the best home country Basel the 5 October 1952 Your Miffschir cerin Doris Disfel

Thank you.

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