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School education for 4.8 years old kid. Newly landed in zurich.

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Hi Friends,
I would be landing in a month's time in zurich. I have a 4.8 year old son and I really need an urgent help in deciding to take a call on which school education should we be going for - International, Billingual or Public schools. Please help.

Even a smallest guidance would be highly appreciated.


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    Why would you want a bilingual Kindergarten? At that age children learn language like sponges soak up water, it's their very nature. Even if you stay for just 2-3 years it's worth considering a local one, your child will learn the local language in a very short time, also thanks to the support the Kindergarten teachers will provide. Teach the 2nd language at home (for which the child will probably need additional support to learn to read and write later), with sufficient contact with the child the parents can each teach their own language (seeing you're Puerto Rican you may have Spanish+English in mind), should that be wanted.

    For instance one of my parents' neighbors were Spanish mother and Italian father. Their daughter, who's in her mid-twenties now, speaks four languages on native level: Swiss German, Swiss Standard German, Italian, and Spanish.

  • Jun Kang

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    It's very important to give the child a proper education. This is the guarantee of his successful future and this is what belongs to him by right. Now, this is given special attention and all conditions are being created in order to make the educational process easier and more exciting, regardless of age. There're many apps for learning language and other subjects, as well as other services that help with finding a company to complete the task, like All this is done in order to help with learning and to make the educational process easier and more effective.

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