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Thesis survey in Sweden to graduate

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[Looking for help from anyone living in or from Sweden - you can also win a voucher + get some delicious recipes!]

Hi everyone! I am hopefully about to finish my Masters soon, but for that, I need your help! I am writing my thesis on the impacts of a meat tax on society, with a focus on Sweden.

My questionnaire aims to understand consumer price sensitivity, towards meat. Answering it should take between 10-15 minutes, and there is a small raffle for an amazon gift card amongst participants. Furthermore, every participant will receive a small thank you cookbook (pdf) full of my families favourite recipes once the research is completed. My friends say they are delicious - I hope you will too! 😉

I would really, really appreciate your help!
Thank you in advance and greetings from Vienna!

P.S. Happy to do your survey too!

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