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Have you ever wonder why some kids seem to get it while some no matter how much tution given to them, it just didn't seem to cut it?
True is, it's neither the parents or the kid fault. Not even the teacher is at fault as well. There is something within the child that nobody want to talk about it that can accelerate one child's growth in studies, focus and other areas of their life as well. 
Based on a true story, Anne, 14 years old girl whom is being almost the last student in her class to top and manage to memorise 200 pages of test papers and all she did it without:- 

Child development classes
Extra school lesson
Extra tution
Special formulas
Speed reading 
Focusing class
Meditation / yoga
Mind stimulation class
Self improvement class
Self discovery class

She will be sharing how she do it exaclty on that day and how you can also use her methods on your child.

Keynote Speaker:
Dr Zul holds a PhD in Healthcare and a MBA too. Besides that he also have 8 diplomas in various fields. He is a sports nutritionist and loves to research on the areas of human performance and cognitive improvement. He have given talks to many individuals & organizations
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On Monday December 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm (ends 9:00 pm)

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