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Shari Charmaine J
 Shari Charmaine J
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Hoping to meet some Americans, either in Holland or still living in America. Really want to go there in 2013. I think I'll start with New York first. But I like hot weather, so if you're from another place in America with lots of sunshine, let me know! =)
Bývam v:
Alkmaar (Netherlands)
English, Dutch
Priatelia, Dátovaný
36 rokov
Australia, Netherlands, South Korea, United States, London


Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Dining out, Music, Photography, Shopping, Travel/Sightseeing, Biking, Walking/Hiking
Obľúbená hudba:
Shawn Barry, Jason Mraz, Milow...
Obľúbené filmy:
Two and a half Men, Criminal Minds, Bones, Dexter, Kdrama...
Obľúbené knihy:
Books from Allan and Barbara Pease, funny couple
Veci, ktoré sa mi páčia:
Photography, travel, coffee houses...
Veci, ktoré nenávidím:
We shouldn't hate anything =) Dislike, don't hate
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