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Questions about Austria Spouse Visa

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Hello everyone!

I am new your community and I could really use some help.

My fiancee and I are getting married in a few weeks (she is Austrian and I am American) and shortly after I would like to apply for a spouse Visa to stay and work in Vienna.

It's been difficult for me to find clear answers to some of my questions, so I am praying that someone here can guide me in the right direction.

Is it really difficult for an American to marry an Austrian and get a visa to live and work in Austria?

It appears that they require that I already have a job? I don't understand how this is possible if I need a visa to work.

I also found conflicting information about having to provide proof of speaking German on an A1 level. One source said I must show proof now, no older than a year, and another source said I have 2 years to get this certification. I could dig up my browser history to provide those sources, but I'm hoping I can just get a straight answer here.

I have other small concerns but these are the biggest for me. Has anyone gone through something similar?

Thank you in advance for you time and help.


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    Hi Brandon,

    I am an American/Canadian Citizen that lives in Bregenz Austria since last year. Welcome!

    It will take some steps and some money but it isn't very hard to be honest. You will need to get your A1 certificate. The part you spoke about having 2 years, that is for the A2, which is what I am currently studying for. I was notified of that once I got my residency here.

    Essentially, my wife and I were married, and she took care of the paperwork. We went to the city office and they gave us all of the paper work required. You will need a lawyer/translator to translate your documents and they will need to be authenticated by an Austrian Embassy in the USA as well as an apostille for your birth certificate from the USA. Once you have these documents, notarized, authenticated, etc, they need to be translated. Then all these documents and some paperwork is filled out. There is also a form to fill out stating where you will be living and who owns the property.

    My wife is probably best to explain this and give a list of all that is required, so if you like, we can exchange emails which may be faster to help you along.

    Just know that it is possible, and really doesn't take that long. I think overall it was a couple months for me to get my resident card, which allows me to work, have insurance (e-card) and such. You can also exchange your US licence to get an Austrian one. They will need proof you've been licensed for at least 2 years (or 3, can't recall right now). I was able to order a driving abstract which showed when I first was licensed and that was sufficient.

    Anyway, I am rambling. Feel free to message back, or shoot me a private message and I can provide my email.
    Talk soon,

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