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Need Help moving to Montreal in 2013 and cant speak French!!!

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Need help want to live and work in Montreal but I cant speak French what can I do? would it be very difficult to live and try to to learn French when I move in 2013

  • Идите до профила Asma Benaziz

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    You can call us, we have french clases free in NDG, Montréal
    514-561-5850: Asma

  • Andrew John

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    First few days you will get the problem. Then you will manage the things. If you are going to live long period. Better to learn French...Anyway All The Best:)-

  • Mateus Loubach

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    Hey Nadeem,
    i could probably say i´m in the same position as yourself, i´m Brazilian, moved to USA in 2001 and moved back in 2008, and want to move to Canada in 2013 or even earlier, what i have in mind since you want to move in 2013, is you learn as much as possible to go with at least a little french because Canada is also a English speaking country, i believe it won´t be as hard, but i don´t even know because i´ve never lived there, what i suggest, if you don´t have free time, is to download french courses. I´ve found a couple, and always have with me a french dictionary so day by day i could learn at least "I don´t speak french sorry". LOL
    Best Regards.

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