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Au Pair in France

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Hi everyone!
I'm a spanish girl who is doing an Au Pair year in a village near to Grenoble. I'm looking for friends because I'm a bit alone here, in the middle of the mountain; and I'm also looking for if somebody wants to do a "Language exchanges", but my french is a bit bad...

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    espero que estes bien en grenoble y que te guste esa ciudad.
    yo tengo 21 años y vivo en grenoble.
    sigues queriendo hacer un intercambio?
    yo me gustaria


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    Hi Maria,
    This is Rakhel, i am from india, I am here for a Medium Term project, I will be in grenoble till march 2011, if the project is not extended.
    I am also new to the place and bit alone, so we can meet for sure. But on the language part i am not sure, i dont know french except the greetings. But i am very curious to learn french too.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    Take care

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