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    Hi Slawek Swat,

    First thank you for answering :) What you said in your previous message helps me already because it is the perfect match with the things i have heard from my grandma. If it doens't bother you i'm gonna to ask you a few more questions about greetings, communication, work and businness in Poland. You don't have to answer to all the questionnary because it's long!!! and if one day, you wanted to know something about France, do not hesitate to turn to me:

    How do we have to dress at work in Poland?
    Is punctuality important?
    What are the most important values in Poland? (honesty, courage...)
    What are the most important qualities of Poles? Faults?
    What are the rituals of greeting?
    What are the favorite topics of discussion of polish people? What subjects can help to break the ice with polish people? (ski jumping? :) )
    At what distance are we supposed to stand in a discussion?
    What is the importance of the look in a discussion (is that rude not to look in the eyes for example?)
    Are Poles emotional? Do they show easily their feelings?
    What's about the gestual? Do Poles use their hands in the discussion? Are they tactil?
    What are the working hours in Poland?
    What are the relations between managers and employees? Is there any formalism?
    How do we consider gifts in a negociation? What gifts are the most appreciated?
    Do we use visiting cards?
    Do we make business lunch?
    Do we have to respect obligatory deadlines?

    I think that's it :) hope one day, i'll be back in Poland even for a short trip! Thank you again.

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