• dzien dobry !!

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    hi radek,
    thank you for your answers :) It was really interesting. And yes you're right, in the metro, french people are always starring on the floor... But they are not affraid, they are bored :) However, parisians tend to be easily blasé sometimes :) So, maybe it explains a lot of things...
    You'll maybe think that i'm asking too many questions but i saw that your job is, if i remember, sales and marketing manager for Lingerino. So i was wondering if you could tell me more about business in Poland. What's your opinion about it? what is special about it?Can you tell me about your experience.
    I don't need a detailed answer, i'd just like to know how you feel about the way business works in Poland. But only if you're ok to give me of your time once again of course :)

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