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    Hello Karen, some words from me:

    @How do we have to dress at work in Poland?
    ...depends on where are You going to go... or who are You going to meet...

    @Is punctuality important?
    Yes. But, wherever You go or whoever You meet, beeing punctual means respect and it's treated as good behaviour.

    @What are the most important values in Poland? (honesty, courage...)
    ..I can speak of myself: trust, reliability, responsibility. But I think You'll get as many answers as people asked...

    @What are the most important qualities of Poles? Faults?
    We're the same nation as any other. Many of Poles like to think we're special (don't ask me why), but I think our bigges fault is narcism.

    @What are the rituals of greeting?
    ...depends on where or to whom...

    @What are the favorite topics of discussion of polish people? What subjects can help to break the ice with polish people? (ski jumping? :) )
    money :) I mean how to get them in general... but one of the most - I suppose - beloved theme is "church" (it's influence on our daily life....) and something like "why the hell Germans pay 3x more for the same job"... :)

    @At what distance are we supposed to stand in a discussion?
    doesn't matter... well... till You discuss with football fan :)

    @What is the importance of the look in a discussion (is that rude not to look in the eyes for example?)
    nope... it's required in my opinion (straight look in the eyes can be a sign of true intentions).
    However, when I was in Paris, I always wondered, why all French people are stearing down to the floor while traveling metro... what are they afraid of? strange...

    @Are Poles emotional? Do they show easily their feelings?
    Yup. We still learn how not to be easy going... The history shows we pretty always went used, because we often are too naive... :)

    @What's about the gestual? Do Poles use their hands in the discussion? Are they tactil?
    I think Italians are much more experienced in using hands when talking :)

    @What are the working hours in Poland?
    Depends on what's Your occupation...

    @What are the relations between managers and employees? Is there any formalism?
    I would rather say some of us prefer to show: who is the boss here... But this is changing nowadays I think...
    Well, in general, much less formalism than in Germany...

    @How do we consider gifts in a negociation? What gifts are the most appreciated?
    None. Professional business relations cannot be founded on gifts. Those times are gone...

    @Do we use visiting cards?
    Of course.

    @Do we make business lunch?

    @Do we have to respect obligatory deadlines?
    Sure, deadline is saint!


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