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life in bahrain

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hi there can anyone tell me about the life style in bahrain is there any tourist place to visit like india

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    This is Rajni this side from India. I would like to know , Is that working options in Bahrain as I am trying to find it through many job sites but did not get it.

    I update my profile in many job site nut yet not get anything. My husband is working in Bahrain and I would like to join him but I don’t want to sit at home as I have very good experience.

    Can you help me for the same and if you connect with right source.

    Thanks in advance.


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    well i did not mean that bahrain is not good as india. bahrain is equally good. what i meant was the geographical size. bahrain is a small island.

    apart from size, everything is gr8 here. people are friendly. nice place. many things to do based on interest etc etc

  • Mehar Razack

    insänt av  i  Al Manama forum  

    hi Azhar,thanks for your comment you are absolutely right no nation can be compared with india

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    Hello Mehar

    Bahrain is a very very good place to live in and ofcourse there any many place to visit. But you cannot compare to India as this is a very small Islan.

    I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Bahrain. If you need any further info do email me at [...]



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