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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in France? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the France community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in France!

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  • insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    Hi Daniel and Friends

    Many travelers and expats travel to Sri Lanka from France,

    hope you friends will help me to announce about me and my Dilra Tours with your friends or for Your Sri Lanka tour,

    please feel free to write me regarding any thing about Sri Lanka

    With regards,
    Rachitha Hathurusinghe

  • insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    Hola a todos los immigrantes que como yo vienen de cambiar de pais.

    Acabe de llegar a Francia después de haber vivido en Mexico y Costa Rica. Estoy buscando sitios o informacion sobre como integrarse mas rapido a la cultura francesa. Si alguien a descubierto el secreto de la integracion, estoy lista a escucharlo :)
    yo les comparto este articulo que encontre sobre como cocinar la comida de nuestro pais, puede ayudar a integrarnos
    asi que organizare una cena para compartir la comida de mi pais costa Rica, alguien quiere ayudarme a organizar esta cena en octubre?
    Un abrazo a todos los nomadas!

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    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  


    je m`appell Tina...

    I´m new in france and went there from germany.

  • Lilian Kim

    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    I'm Korean, and I go to France on 21th, July, with a kitten.
    I will stay at Ivry sur Seine near Paris first, but I have no play from August.
    I'm studying French, but still comfortable to speak English. I want to make a lot of friends living in France :)

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    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    je suis maby,argentine,je parle l anglais et le francais .je veux faire des amis pour chater et pratiquer langues etrangers..j habite en argentine ,je ne connais pas autre pays.

  • Colin Usher

    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    Hi there,

    We are planning to relocate to France, Limousin region, later in 2015.

    Looking to connect with like-minded people in creative industries.

    Our website regarding our move and new business in France is here :

    Look forward to connecting



  • insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    Hi, I'm new there, I'm looking an airport transfer to Paris center.
    Do you can recommend me a historical places in Paris? Maybe some guide tour or travel services?
    I'm looking company like I mean: transfer, guide, pick up to and from hotel in one order...

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    insänt av  Michael Yao i Frankrike forum  

    Hi This is Michael,I have been doing source agent for trading business for almost 6 years and now working together with some friends from foreigner countries,
    ,I hope someday can go to france to travel and make some friends from here

    my skype : moodyboy001
    My email is [...]

  • Juan Bautista

    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    Hi, I am Juan from Colombia. I want to go to France to learn french. I haven't decide what city to go to. I have these options Aix en Provence, Chambery, Dijon, Lyon, Nantes, Perpignan, Reims or Strasbourg. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks for your comments

  • momo ben

    insänt av  i Frankrike forum  

    I know French, and i search to ameliorate my German language

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