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Are X-Rays mandatory for getting work? Can I use Ultrasound instead?

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I'm a Kuwaiti citizen. I recently got accepted for a government job as a translator in the ministry of education here in Kuwait. They want me to work after I get medical health checks. I'm still not sure what the checks will be but I assume that a chest X ray will be involved.

I would like to avoid any X-rays if possible. I'm very strict about my health and I would like to avoid any radiation from X-rays since they accumulate and increase the risk of cancer. I had plenty of chest X-rays over my lifespan so I really don't want to have any more. Is it possible to get a chest Ultrasound instead of a Chest X-ray?

I'm happy to pay the extra costs of that if necessary. I just really don't want more Xrays...

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