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Hi everybody, I thought I would create this forum so new members in the Madrid community can introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we get to know each other..

  • Gå till angela widjaja's profil

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    can you tell me how much totaly life cost in spain?

  • Nichole E

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to Madrid, moved here last Wednesday. I will be living here until October. I, currently, only speak English. I'm taking an immersion program that starts at the end of the month to learn some Spanish. I would love to meet some people! As of right now I have all mornings until 5 available and some afternoons/evenings. I'm 23, and moved here from the United States to be an Au Pair. Please let me know if you are interested in meeting during the day sometime! Thanks!

  • Alberto M. Arenas

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Helen, that would be great. You just have to fix a day and a place to meet. We could all try to meet us there.

    Best regards, Alberto.

  • insänt av  i  Madrid forum  


    Like Helen, I also want to meet Spanish people and other expats in Madrid. I've been here since September, and need to practice my Spanish!

  • Helen C

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Hey guys,

    I've been in Madrid since september 09 now, and I'm ALWAYS up for meeting new people. So there are so many people in this forum saying "I want to meet new people".. it makes the most sense to actually meet up. Maybe one Saturday evening in Madrid center somewhere..

    What do you say?


  • insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Madrid is just so much fun :)

  • insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    I'm very happy to be in Madrid!!
    Amazing city

  • insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Me llamo alexandro, soy de mexico y me encanta hacer amigos y conoer gente nueva! planeo ir pronto a madrid y me gustaria tener ya amigos por que planeo quedarme un tiempo indefinido y despues seguir viajando al norte de europa, bueno quien quiera un amigo aqui estoy yo disponible ;)

  • Rob Yates

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Hi all,

    I moved to Madrid in November. If anyone wants to hang out on the weekends or do something during Christmas (Feliz Navidad!), feel free to let me know.

    Best of luck!

  • Bea ...

    insänt av  i  Madrid forum  

    Hello everybody!

    I'm new here and I wanna just say "hello" to everybody. If you are looking for a tandem to practice your Spanish and you can speak English or German, or just to have some beers and meet new people, just let me know.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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