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Banking Chip cards business partner required in Sweden.

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My name is Reza and I am from Pakistan. I know that's not a very good start in a introduction. Well, I am a businessmen & for the past 8 years I am running my company Deltacom which supplied Financial Plastic cards to the Banks. These cards include both magstripe & chip.

In my 2 trips to Sweden I have surveyed properly and have come to conclude that Sweden is a very good & profitable market for our products.

In my plan of expanding my business in Sweden, I am looking for a Swedish citizen who is willing o cooperate with me in the registration & running of company.

I am not asking for any investments. All I need is a honest person to help & assist me and become a share holder of a very lucrative business.

Anyone interested, just message me here or write an email. You can find the email from my website mentioned in my profile.


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