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Offered a job in Stockholm

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So I just got offered a senior position in Stockholm but have been told I can live wherever I want in Sweden as I only need to come in to the office for meetings.

The problem is I am finding it very difficult to search for houses to rent due to many of the properties listed being holiday lets.

I am looking for a house with a large garden (or land), 2-3 bedrooms, modern equipment (kitchen etc.) but unfurnished, 120m2 or larger and within 2 hours commute of either Stockholm, Malmo or Gothenburg. Also it must allow pets (we will be bringing our dog). Also it must have good Internet connectivity as I will mostly be working from a home office.

I am not sure how much this is going to cost or which areas are good as I have never been to Sweden before so please don't see this as a Classified - it isn't. I am looking for advice on good locations within those parameters (within 2 hours commute of any of those three cities). Preferably something a little rural but not out in the wilds. Also how much should I expect to pay for such accommodation? I would be looking to rent for 12 months after which I will probably buy a house if the job fits well and we enjoy living in Sweden. I would like to keep rental under 10k SEK per month if that is possible (I understand it should be outside of the major cities).

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