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Hollywood movies.

இங்கு போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது அல் மனாமாஅமைப்பு

Recently Bahrain viewers could see Alien vs Predator in Foxmovies. I did too. Wondering whether the story is right at all. Movies need not be logical and it is the producers theme. But even then Hollywood maintains its standards and norms. Anybody who has followed the Alien series and Predator series would agree that the movie is anachronistic. That is ; out of place in time. In alien series the astronauts of the future when inter-galactic travel becomes common bring back "Xenomorph" an alien lifeform that is hostile. This happens in the next millenium may be. But not in the past. In the Predator series the movie is set in 1979 in Columbia when US special task force encounter it. In Predator 2, the movie describes the events in LosAngeles may be after 2000. The movie is not set in the next century or in the distant future.

In A Vs P, both train of thought has been ignored. The story is justified by saying that that 4000 years ago Predators looking for a back water planet came to place we now all Egypt and ruled the humans and fought with the xenomorphs which came from the bowels of the Earth. In that movie again a group of scientists visiting the Polar region are caught in the ancient fight between the two alien races.

Story line is not quite right. Views welcome.

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