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Qatar 5 years work visa

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DOVE TRAVEL GROUP COMPANY LTD is a professional Travel and Tourism Agency located at Biyem-Assi Lac,close to Biyem-Assi lac pharmacy,Yaounde--P.R Cameroon ,And we are a full Cameroon tour operator, ready and able to arrange all aspects of your trip to Cameroon and other parts of the world.
Hotel, villa and apartment booking,Cruises,Package holidays,Organized bus/car tours to the archeological sites around......,Air/boat ticketing, domestic and international,Air taxi services and charter flights, Yacht chartering,Car rentals, VIP welcome service, Baggage storage, Courier service
Visa services to the following countries;
Qatar 5 years work visa
Bahrain 5 years work visa
Dubai 2 years contract work visa
Canada visa via Trinidad and Tobacco
Thailand visa
South Korea visa
Malaysia visa
Cuba visa
Brazil visa etc
For details you can visit our office,send us email [...] or call us at 00237-78235322

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