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Ancient aversion to italian people

இங்கு போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு

Hi croatian people!
I'm italian and I have heard some stories about the still existing aversion to italian visitors when they come to visit croatia for holiday purpose. I want to know if it's true that croatian people still "hate" italians because of the last conflict involving these 2 countries during the war from 1943-45, when up to 10,000 italians were tortured or killed by Yugoslav communists who occupied the Istrian peninsula (which is now part of Croatia and Slovenia).
I hope these stories are wrong because it has been 67 years since that conflict.
There is someone of you that can give me an objective opinion about this matter?
Thanx for your replies.

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    போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டது  அதில் க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு 

    there are no hostility from croats against italians, do not worry. there is much more hostility and arrogance from italians against croats. said by an italian.

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    போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டது  அதில் க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு

    it's link to page that is very good example...It's safe....
    post a comment on that Giulia ( Đulija in Cro ) ;-)

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    போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டது  அதில் க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு 

    .., from whom did you heard those stories? From RAI?
    Multiple those 10 000 italians by 100 and you'll get on how many people italians leave impact during WW2 on Croats in Dalmatia and Istria...what do you think that italian fascist did during occupation of Croatia...what they said in italian paper or Tv?? Yes,they killed and ruined many lives here and when they saw first anti-fascist they ran like rabbits,.... we have those mamma mia stories for fun...;-)...
    ....and still there is some idiots in Italy that wanna claim parts of Croatia....
    ...and I'm from Split (not a Spalato ) so I know what is italians like... lets say that they are not favorite tourist ever ;-)
    special y when they expect that we know how to speak italian...never did...there is some old italian families so they can search for them....

    by the way is there any italian city with croatian language as second one official? there is italian in Croatia...Pula(not Pola) ,Rovinj (not Rovigno)....How would You feel if Wew rename italian cities??

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    it's not true. i think most croatian people didn't even hear about that conflict. :D
    some people can't stand tourists at all, because of some rude tourists. then they think that all tourists are like that.
    i don't like people, who are rude. i saw many italian (and french) tourists this summer. most of them were ok, some of them were really nice, but some of them were very rude.
    we were waiting in line and 10,15,20 tourists (most of them french and italian) were just going around the line to the first rows. (that was in a national park). it was really upsetting me!! we all payed for it and we all had to wait. yeah, some tourist really do behave like they own the whole place and that's why some poeple can't stand them.
    oh, and one thing about italian people- their english is really bad and they don't speak much foreign languages and they expect that everyone knows italian. i didn't met many italian people (about 10 maybe), but not one of them could speak english or german or any other languag than italian. that's a little irritating.
    oh, and one thing :D i hope i'm not being rude, i just write down my experiences.. many italian guys were behaving like they're irresistible sexy hot lovers :D but they aren't :D they were just funny or annoying..
    i hope i didn't offend you or your country. i just didn't had good experiences with italian people :/

  • போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டது  அதில் க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு 

    Yes, you are right Giulia about 10000 istrian Italians, and there was also problem with more than 100.000 Croats and Slovens tortured and killed from Italian Fascist regime. And off course Croats and Slovens tortured by yugoslav partisans after war.
    But now,today nobody talking about, just old senile partisans and fascist, frustrate nationalists and other deviants. And you don`t have to worry about. Let`s live that things for some past time. Off course, if you are still looking good, you can find even a fan in Croatia. Lot of fans! :)!
    Hi Monika!

  • போஸ்ட் செய்யப்பட்டது  அதில் க்ரோஷியா அமைப்பு 

    Dear Giulia!

    I live in continental part of Croatia, so not really near Istria but I don't think those stories are true. Many Italians live there and I never heard about stories like that. Of course, there are always people who hate others but cases like that are rare.

    I believe that Croats have nothing against Italians and that Italians can feel very welcome to come to Croatia.

    Have a nice day! :)

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