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Mystery Diners wanted in Nicosia

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The Mystery Dining Company

We're looking for new mystery diners to join us to take part in visits.
If you are in Manchester, like eating out and have a good standard of written English then please apply!

Other locations are also available should you travel to and from other countries often. We have about 1,500 mystery guest visits available each month across the UK and in major cities in 20 countries worldwide.

If you meet the following credentials then please head to our website to apply.

Job Description

We have about 1,500 mystery guest visits available each month across the UK and in major cities in 20 countries worldwide and are looking for new diners to join us.

What is a Mystery Diner?

Mystery Guests are volunteers, offering their time to complete a detailed report of a restaurant, hotel or pub experience, and being reimbursed the cost of the experience in return.

In most cases an experience is for 2 people so you get the chance to go to places you would normally choose to visit.

The reports are paid for by the hospitality operators who find them invaluable in understanding the experience in detail from a customer's perspective. They are used to improve standards and reward well-performing staff.

Here is what to expect as a mystery guest once you have been accepted and have completed the online training process.

BOOK A VISIT. Visits available can be browsed online and often booked directly. Certain visits may require a call to our office. We brief you on what to expect, how to prepare, and what to look out for.
GO OUT. The visit itself then takes place as an ordinary customer experience (which we hope you enjoy!).
COMPLETE REPORT. After the visit, you will need to go online and complete your report for us, submitting it by 12noon on the day following the visit.
CLARIFY DETAILS. We will contact you if we have any queries before submitting the final report to our client. Those producing clear, accurate and detailed reports have opportunities for promotion.
REIMBURSEMENT. Your agreed expenses will be paid into your bank account 4-5 weeks after your visit. Please see the international section for other currencies.
Desired Skills & Experience

Before you apply to join us as a mystery guest, it's important for you to understand what we require from you. If you are unable to meet the 5 requirements below then please do not apply!

INTERNET, CAMERA & EMAIL. You will browse for available visits and manage your reports online. You will also need a device, such as a mobile phone or scanner, to capture an image of a receipt.
DETAILED OBSERVATIONS. You will need to prepare for a visit and to make detailed observations during its course. Completing the report itself typically takes an hour and it will be carefully checked by our office team.
CLEAR ENGLISH. Our reports need to be clear and meaningful for our clients and we would prefer to focus on the content rather than correcting your grammar. Amateur critics are not required: just people who can reflect the facts in clear English.
TELEPHONE NEXT DAY. You would need to be available by telephone the working day following each visit.
RECEIVING PAYMENT. You need an account that we can use to reimburse expenses related to your visit - in nearly all cases, you will need to upload a copy of the receipt as evidence.

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