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Coursera Machine Learning Review

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Coursera was founded by a Stanford Professor, named Andrew Ng. It is an intro machine learning course that explains machine programming on a more detailed level. It had been referred to as the best machine learning course. For those who are interested in learning machine learning, this course might just be your go-to. We would be exploring several reviews from those who have participated in the course, but we would first try to understand what the udacity machine learning is all about. To grab the amazing online coupon codes for free online studies simply check hotdeals.

What Coursera’s Machine Learning Is

Machine learning is known to be one of the very first courses but on the internet by Coursera. The free machine learning course has not particularly been updated since its first run, and it can still be said to hold its own. To take this course, you need to already have in your skill set, basic programming skills. This already tailors the audience for who this is for.

We survey the reviews given by people who have not only partaken of this course, but also aced it with outstanding results. From our research, here are some key points that we brought to light for you.

What to Expect

The course period includes assignments that would require an understanding of vector and matrix operators. Included in this course are also some long formulas that have some original familiarity with algebra.

Prior Knowledge

To take this course, only the prior knowledge of programming is a necessity, but there are additional skill sets that might be helpful in the process of understanding and grasping what exactly the course is about.

Programming Language

In Coursera machine learning MATLAB’s free clone, Octave is used as a programming language.


As already mentioned, the grading of the scores for this course is segmented. The first one is a third portion of the scores that are attributed to the quizzes taken by the students. The other part of the grade for this course is attributed to a multi-part programming assignment that is usually given in eight parts. This assignment usually involves implanting the machine learning algorithms that have been covered in lectures by inputting code in a certain program for key functions. Each homework is taken very seriously. There is a given structure for each one, attached to the given assignment do the way to accomplish your goal is quite evidently laid out. The advantage of this step by step structure is that it gives you surety in knowing exactly what to do even when it is not something you understand.


To earn a certificate from this free machine learning course, you need to earn as high as eighty percent on the assignments and quizzes. Although the course has been designed in such a way that you can resubmit programming assignments and take projected timing on the quizzes, you would still have to perform before a certificate can be issued to you.

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