Higher Density Living


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Sydney Boulevard Hotel

90 William Street, Sydney NSW 2011, Sydney, 2000 Map

Creating cities where more people are living and working, thereby reducing urban sprawl, is one of many factors contributing to higher density development occurring in and around our cities.

How do we make our cities better as they get bigger? Governance, infrastructure, quality design and economics all play a part. This very timely conference will focus on the strategies for achieving effective and sustainable density outcomes and will aim to find solutions to the key challenges that surround this issue.

Category: Conferences | Business & Economics | Real Estate & Construction

Website: http://atnd.it/44078-1

Standard: AUD 2299,
Commercial Solution Providers: AUD 3499

Speakers: Chris Johnson AM, Caroline Stalker, Jan McCredie, Stephen Albin, Janelle Goulding, Nicholas Proud, Philip Graus, Eamon Waterford, Marion Fulker, Professor Edward Blakely, Leanne Hodyl, Sean Stephens, Greg Vann, Ivan Motley, Tanya Vincent, Michelle Daley, Dr Wendy Sarkissian, John Sidgwick, Emma Booth, Tamara Bruckshaw, Professor Bill Randolph, Susan Thompson, John Carfi, Conjoint Professor

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