Learning Space Design


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Star Room (IMAX), Level 6, The IMAX Theatre Complex, Darling Harbour

31 Wheat Road, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia Map

Connecting technology, pedagogy & space to improve learning outcomes

The NSW government has committed $1billion to re-design learning spaces, whether it is purpose building new schools, specific facilities or rejuvenating ageing learning environments; learning space design has become a priority in order to ensure long term sustainability.

STEM skills are increasingly recognised as crucial to future jobs so learning spaces need to facilitate the development of these core skills. Learning environments and teaching methods need to evolve to match the pedagogy to the learning space in order to drive 21st century skills.

This conference focuses on creating innovative learning spaces that support problem solving, inquiry and project based learning.

“Schools built for tomorrow need to provide our children with flexible and connected learning environments.”
– NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli, February 2015

Who will attend?
• 50% Principals, Deputy & Assistant Principals, Heads of School
• 30% Directors of Teaching and Learning and Learning Innovation
• 10% Heads of Strategy and Planning
• 5% Business Managers
• 5% Property, Campus and FacilitiesManagers

Sponsorship opportunities
We work closely with corporate partners to create unique and innovative tailored sponsorship packages that best meet your specific marketing, business development and corporate entertainment objectives.

Contact Chris Chutuk on 02 9239 5770 and find out how you can make your mark on this industry.

Booking: http://atnd.it/46264-0
Inquiries: http://atnd.it/46264-1

Standard: AUD 1699
Golden Ticket (Conference + 3 Workshops SAVE $1000): AUD 2196

Speakers: Terry Byers, Jayne Heath, Jake Plaskett, Lynne Goodwin, Ron Bamford, Belinda Kelly, Peter Clarke, Belinda Kelly, Peter Clarke, Cathy Young, Jonathon Walter, Dr Alec O'Connell, Peter Allen, Philip Idle, Sylvia Corish, Prof Wesley Imms, Stephanie gaspari, Brother Patrick Howlett, Peter Crawley, Melinda Bright, and more...

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