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Hello everyone.

My name is Marina, i am 25y.o and i am Russian/Moldavian, currantly living in Cyprus.

Please give me an advise, your help will be very much appreciated

Few days ago i applied for tourist visa to Au (online),still no reply.Wanted so bad to do working visa, but looks like really hard to find a sponsore.

I graduated in Travel and Tourism in Cyprus, but never worked in any tour agencies, worked part time at the Airport of Cyprus, check-in. Was full time employee, for 3 years, supervisor in a bar/restaurant in a very busy area,in the capital of Cyprus. And currantly i am not working.

I am a self motivated person, who takes pride in a job well done.Very sociable and positive. My interactive skills and knowledge of 4 languages helps me create long lasting relashionships and socialize with multinational customers.

Would very much appreaciate your help in advising me where i can send my cv, or what companies i should contact for sponsorship (preferably in Sydney).

Kind regards

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