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Maintaining safe and functional roads is essential for sustainable communities. Across government bodies road maintenance is a significant and worthy investment for our future societal and economic needs. However, as investment is increasingly focused on new infrastructure, maintenance budgets remain stagnant. Local councils and state agencies must maximise investment in order to achieve high quality and long lasting roads. Government organisations must become agile and innovative, ensuring community satisfaction in the face of uncertain future funding programs.

"I found the conference to be both influential and inspiring which gave an insight into current Road Asset and Maintenance practices in the Road Industry" – Steve McCallum, Manager Operations North Eastern Region, VicRoads.

Who will attend?
Senior representatives from state agencies and local government with responsibilities for:
• Road Maintenance
• Asset Management
• Civil Works and Engineering

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Category: Conferences, Engineering and Technology

Standard: AUD 3199,
Local Government: AUD 2199

Speakers: Chirs Molligodde, Jack Hansby, Henry Lam, Shiree Daum, Patric Moore, Graeme Frank, Dougall Broadfoot, Michael Freeman, Nicola Daaboul, Tarique Memon, Antony Sprigg, Trev Greenberger, Adrian McCann, Glen Walker

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