Warli - An Artist's Journey


Warli, Maharashtra

Worli Hill Road, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Map

Awaken your senses. Walk along a people-free beach. Make your own tribal art. Get to know the art of our ancestors. Discover Warli.

Warli is a village in Maharashtra, around 150 km from Mumbai, India. It’s home to the Adivasi tribe, to whom a close communion with nature is the essence of life. You may see expressions of Warli paintings in posh hotels in town or in simple apartments. But how did this art grow? And importantly, how are the Adivasis preserving their cultural and artistic heritage? Trippin Traveller invites you on an artistic tour of Warli to find out.

On Saturday February 11, 2017 at 7:00 am (ends 7:00 pm)

Category: Lifestyle - Travel


Rs: INR 4700

Venue: Warli, Maharashtra, Warli, Mumbai


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