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Andy Sharma
 Andy Sharma
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I have been coming to Cyprus for many years. I had made friends through my work since 2000 my parents subsequently have a home here in Asgata and visit throughout the year. I am now living there with my wife and have been here since April... I love the weather but do miss the chaos of the UK. I would love to get to know like minded Genuine people to make friends and am currently looking for work. I really want to make a positive contribution here in Cyprus i used to organise social events, Dj, produce music and a host of other things back in th UK and have all the equipment etc to continue here. my handle on FB is Nods Sharma if you wanna hook me up. .
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Limassol (Cyprus)
நண்பர்கள், வணிகத்தொடர்புகள்
Cyprus, Limassol


retro electronics Vinyl records Playing football
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i Dj so love all sorts of music spanning decades
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Life, Genuine people
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Negative selfish people
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