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Renting in Bahrain for a British National

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Hey guys

So I am a British National living in Saudi Arabia right now working for a Saudi Company on a Business Multiple Entry Visit Visa for the KSA. My company is currently looking to get an iqama sorted for myself but it will take some time.

In the meantime, I am thinking of bringing my spouse over to Bahrain and rent a an Apartment.

My question is regarding renting. Am I eligible?

1. British National
2. Can get company reference if required
3. No iqama
4. Multiple entry Visit Visa for KSA
5. Can get Visa on arrival or Causeway book in Bahrain to cross the border during the weekends
6. Wife can get a multiple entry visit visa - 90 days - shes an indian national so it looks like its a bit easier for her
7. Rent to be paid of a UK bank account

Just wanted to know with the above informaiton, would I be able to rent a flat in Bahrain?