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Are you interested in move to Canada?

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Recently, I have started an immigration consultancy firm in Canada. I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and also a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). If you are looking to hire an Immigration consultant, for a better discussion about immigration service. try us.
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  • Dory Jade

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา แคนาดา 

    Dear Noah Mack, I will help you call me at 1 877 577 5233 Toll Free Number.

  • Noah Mack

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา แคนาดา 

    Dear Dory Jade

    Hi how are you doing? My name is Noah Mack, and I am 27 years old and I live in Zimbabwe,I just came across your email at just landed, So I am looking for a friend especially the one who live in Canada. Who is able to assist me with a invirtation letter which I would use to apply for my visa because I want to come over there.

    Here is my phone number: 00263 773 975 403 Regards Noah Mack