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German lesson in the afternoon in Aachen ?

โพสต์ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen


Good to find there is EN group here ...

Would like to learn German in the aftrenoon in the weekday ...
was in VHS before, but now they have only morning or night lessons.

Does someone know German lesson in the afternoon better between 12:00-15:00 ..


ไปที่แฟ้มประวัติของ ผู้ใช้ที่ถูกลบออกแล้ว

  • Nhan Bui

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    I learn German in Spracheakademie, Buchkremerstraße (by the Dom). They have morning, afternoon and evening class. You can find info in facebook

  • ไปที่แฟ้มประวัติของ Rascall Morrison

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    I am also interested to join.

  • Ray ban

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    ;-), mmm, I don't know if warm... very sunny yes!. ;-) yeah, I wasn't here during Winter. I come from Spain and Germany is cold for Spanish terms

    I've checked out the VHS courses but i couldn't find any proper to me. I am still waiting for the answer of my company related to the german courses for employees. I am currently in A2 grundstufe.

    What about you?, what is your level of German?


  • โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    Hi , welcome to Aachen in the warm day ..

    was no class ... by self- learing a little bit ..
    was just nothing fit the time as I am working day time , or too expensive
    if you have something later, let me know


  • Ray ban

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    Hi all. I am new in Aachen. Just landed two weeks ago. I would like too to attend a German course in the evening. Maybe i'll check Inlingia sprachschule like you. I am still waiting for german courses for free within my company for employees, but I don't know yet the timetable.

    How is your german going?

  • โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    hope you are doing well now in Germany , in case /when have chance to Aachen, please conatct

  • Gabriela Zafira

    โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    Hi Sunny, I don't know about any language schools in Aachen but I did a language course at Berlitz which was pretty good (though also very expensive)

  • โพสต์โดย  ใน ห้องสนทนา Aachen 

    nobody check here ...

    so I find the one traing school " inlingua sprachschule "

    in Aachen , Markt 29/31 , 52062 Aachen

    they have also Sat lesson ..

    for others , please you like to know