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Learning to read Hungarian

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After studying the Hungarian grammar components, I'm now learning to read Hungarian with literally translated texts. Here's an example of Grimm tales in Hungarian with such a translation:

Itt sem volt, ott sem volt, de valahol mégis volt, volt egyszer egy király s ennek három lánya.
Here not (it) was, there not (it) was, but wherever however (it) was, was once a king and him-to three daughter(s).

The idea is to keep on reading and pick up new words from the literal meanings in the interlinear line. For me I like to learn new vocabulary this way while having a grammar overview close in case of prefixes or suffixes that I want an explanation for.

I wondered if anyone has experience with that and if there are any more courses like this, where you can read instead of having to learn little bits of texts, words and grammar.

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