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Business opportunities

โพสต์ใน ห้องสนทนา อินเดีย

I was trying to expand business in India in March. I am looking for business partners. To create and participate in market value together I extend to all of the following eight cities.

Make Life Better by helping yourself and others Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better!

•Unicity, a leader in nutritional health, is introducing its world-class products in India
•Share the power of Unicity’s proven and effective products with others
•Business opportunities are available as Distributors of Unicity’s products

Cochin. 4 March 2011
Chennai. 5 March 2011
Hyderabad.6 March 2011
New Delhi.7 March 2011
Mumbai.8 March 2011
Pune.9 March 2011
Bangalore.10 March 2011
Vishakhapatnam.11 March 2011

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