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Tokyo Metro乗り放題 for travelers

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Great news for you as a traveler to Tokyo
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Let me tell you the meaning of the kanji on the headline first 乗り放題 - のりほうだい- norihodai - Unlimited ride.

Tokyo Metro has announced new Metro Card will be issued from April 22, 2014 for travelers and for the people living out side of the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Those tickets are available for 1 day (800 yen), 2 days (1,200 yen) and 3 days (1,500 yen).
They have not forgotten kids as well; 1 day (400 yen), 2 days (600 yen) and 3 days (750 yen).
Those cards would be available at Narita/ Haneda airport metro counter and at the local Travel agencies. In near future Tokyo Metro plans to include the Hotels and overseas Travel agencies for the purchase points.
The cared would be useable when taking Tokyo Subway

Ginza Line Ginza Line
Marunouchi LineMarunouchi Line Marunouchi Line
Hibiya Line Hibiya Line
Tozai Line Tozai Line
Chiyoda Line Chiyoda Line
Yurakucho Line Yurakucho Line
Hanzomon Line Hanzomon Line
Namboku Line Namboku Line
Fukutoshin Line Fukutoshin Line

And Toei Subway lines as Asakusa Line, Mita Line, Shinjuku Line and Oedo Line

And Toei Streetcar (Toden) Arakawa line which operates in northern and eastern Tokyo outside the main tourist areas. The terminus at Minowabashi is near the historical site of Edo's red-light district Yoshiwara which features a completely covered shopping street, several blocks long, in the once common "Ameyoko" style (a shōtengai). Those can nowadays only be seen in Tokyo's outlying neighborhoods.

During the train wait you can also use the Free WIFI