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Using your Mobile phone in Japan

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Using your Mobile phone in Japan

Can i use my phone in Japan?
Once landed in Japan this might be the first question you ask your self or to the first Japanese person, who can speak English.

This is one of the most common feature and question for all travelers to Japan, especially for those spending more then 30 days!

If you have a compatible 3G or 4G smartphone you can certainly use it and the bill is certainly going to be costly, besides, even you wish to spend all your salary in phone bills, your interlocutor might not have the same idea, therefore he probably won’t pick the phone up!

If you are spending just few days or a couple of weeks in Japan, then it is worthless to rent or buy a mobile phone, just use your smartphone’s social media and emails in your Hotel or in your internet connection provided accommodation or where you see FREE WI-FI sign outside cafes, restaurant and wifi hot spots.

For travelers who have a 90 days visa, touristic visa, that for some reasons need to use internet quite a lot, before leaving your own country download the free application NAVITIME for Japan Travel

The areas covered by the free Wi Fi connection by Navitime Japan travel App are: Asakusa and Ginza Tsukiji, Harajuku Omotesando, Akihabara, Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho and Shinjuku, Yokohama, Minato Mirai 21 and Shin Yokohama, Kannai, Motomachi and Yokohama Chinatown. You can find other useful information by reading the Post 336 hours free internet for tourist in Tokyo!

Let’s talk about renting or buying mobile phones or Sim cards in Tokyo.

First of all, prepare your documents, Visa, Resident Card, Registered address in japan, bank account details.
There different choices, packages, prices it all depends on which solution meets your needs at most.
Let’s see how to get this service and compare the rental phone charges:

Case number 1 : Rent a phone directly from the Airport or a store

This is how you can get a phone with the Softbank promotion directly on their site in English:

You can do the transaction via Internet, phone, fax or directly go to the store right at the airport or in Tokyo (or any other city in Japan.) For he offers I know they are valid in those airports: Narita Tokyo airport, Haneda airport, Kansai airport, Nagoya airport.

You can can chose from those 4 options:

– IPhone Sim/3G Sim card
You can use your own cellphone while having a Japanese cellphone number
Receive free calls, even international calls
Cost: 105 yen/day (rates may change depending on their promotions, double check their prices before applying)
– Mobile WiFi Router
Connect up to 5 devices at the same time
Internet WIFI connection available in the biggest cities of the 47 Japanese prefectures
Cost: 1575 yen/day (unlimited connection, double check their prices before applying)
– Phone with a local Sim card

Free incoming calls, even international calls
– Phone without a Sim card
You have the possibility of using your own Sim card
You will be billed by your own phone operating company
The prices for the Phone rental start at 105 ye/day, depending on the plan you will chose from. The phone’s insurance starts at 210 yen/day. You can pay by credit card and receive the bills directly to your email. You just need to do a phone reservation at least 2 days in advance. That service is offered in English, Chinese, Korean and of course Japanese.

Note that you can get a discounted price if you do the reservation via the Internet.

Case 2 : b-mobile
If you are not interested by Soft bank’s offer you can always check with B-Mobile, they will give you the following options:

- 1GB Prepaid

No activation required!

No speed limit suitable for Skype

Regular, Micro, Nano SIM card available

- 14 days Prepaid No activation required!

300kbps unlimited connection

Regular, Micro, Nano SIM card available

Different Sim cards available and 2 different plans that might fit your needs, the price is of 3980 Yen (+210 yen for an airport delivery) You will than be possible to pick up a Sim card and use it with your own Cellphone as long as it is an unlocked device.

You absolutely need to verify if your phone is compatible before making your purchase. You will only be able to get the card delivered in Japan, at the airport, your hotel or your working place.

So there you go, those are the 2 options that I am sharing with you today s you can use your cellphone during your stay in Japan.
Other Options :Rentafonejapan
Notice that you need to be registered as living in Japan otherwise you will not be able to buy a prepaid SIM or register for a postpaid contract.

You need to rent a phone and a Sim card through this company rental phone charges.
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