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South Netherlands and its people

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Nooo way. I live in Tilburg and I traveled almost every weekend in the country. I am astonished. Some of my coworkers started using deodorant and shampoo after I met them.
Basically a redneck culture. Very gossipy, very small townish, very reduced vegetable lives. I've often met coworkers who were never to other Dutch places 60km away or indeed never heard of them.
I tried calisthenics exercising in parks as I did in London and Budapest. Lots of embellished websites, park here, park there from Breda to Eindhoven, to Rotterdam "hot een cool", so I discovered them. A laughing stock. Some didn't even existed. When I resigned to train in a local park, ETZ Elisabeth, I kid you not, people found my secluded place and congregated in astonishment "you sporten?!".
I went pubbing on Saturdays. Big mistake : basically the neighborhood regurgitated for months in disbelief :"he parties!"
And I could go on with the "plus-minus" work ethic. Not a place to aspire, they resent personal achievement.