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Seeking for investment projects abroad

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Accept greetings from Metropolitan Sand Miners Cameroon S.A, thanks for reading
our profile and l felt you can be of great business partner with us.
Pleasure is my to introduce my self and my esteemed company to you. My
name is Atem Emana Ojong, CEO of Metropolitan Sand Miners Cameroon S.A
. The pleasure is mine to contact your esteemed organization for
possible business relationship. The Metropolitan Sand Miners Cameroon
S.A Born through good fellowship, nurtured by a common passion for
breaking new ground with a faith and commitment to achieving unusual
and exciting goals in precious metals, We have built a formidable
network in the precious metals industries, leaders throughout West
Africa of most precious metals mineral sands, mineral stones, gold and
diamonds. Our mission has been to create and ensure continua supply
and to sustained the sector in which we can all share. We have built
bridge across Africa, Dubai and Turkey, we have formidable partner in
these parts that we partner with (machines from south Korean
manufacturer). The Metropolitan Sand Miners Cameroon S.A can supply
any of our products to any part of the world at available quantity, we
have the land, man power, technology and experience; bringing the
skills to deliver to our promises. Our services gives solutions to our
clients. Our list of products are: mineral sands, mineral
stones, gold and diamonds.
My regards
CEO Atem Emana Ojong
Metropolitan Sand Miners Cameroon S.A
+237 652840961

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    It takes two weeks for a new company registration or shelf company transfer, in most cases. However, the set-up or transfer process will take up to 15 business days, if the shareholder of Norwegian company is an overseas corporate entity
    VAT registration requires up to 1 month in most cases (Norwegian tax authorities may request additional information)
    For a ready-to-use bank account a minimum of 15-20 days is required. (Account activation is possible only upon receipt of the required information and hand-signed application forms) (source:
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