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How well do we know our Basmati Rice?

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I recently started looking more into the brands that I use and I wanted your take on it as well. Being an Arab house-wife I'm always usually trying to impress my family during lunch and well lunch means rice in Arabic culture. Recently I changed from Gautam 1121 Basmati rice from another regular brand i used to use. I must say it made my cooking even better. The smell is amazing with every dish and the length is something else that's even more amazing. I personally think rice plays an essential aspect in the food flavor and my dish became even better.

After some research as well on Gautam Rice, I personally like what they stand for as well. It's a family business that its main goal best quality and support to the farmers as well. I like associating with brands with a story and actual goal to please whoever is involved with it.

So my question is, how well do you know your Basmati Rice brands, and have you tried Gautam 1121 Basmati rice?