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Dear readers,

Hopefully you can inform me what my possible options are.

I moved with my children from the Netherlands to Switzerland in December. I am a full-time Daytrader. I applied for an independent residence permit in January and they only sent me a letter last week that I have been approved and that I will receive an independent residence permit (Permit B).

Now my problem: I have unsubscribed from the Netherlands since January because I quickly found an apartment here and because I had to submit proof that I had unsubscribed myself from the Netherlands.

I had not yet informed the bank in the Netherlands (SNS) that I had moved to Switzerland. March 1, I wanted to pay the rent of my apartment, I got a message during the pin that it is not possible and that I had to contact the bank. I did immediately and they indicate that I have to provide my new address, bank account, in writing and that they will deposit the current assets and close my bank account.
That is of course very good.

But I don't have the money to go to the Netherlands. I have no money at all anymore and no I can't ask family and friends because I don't have any. All I have are my children.

Where can I apply for a loan? What can I do? On my Dutch bank loans I have a capital of € 260k so I can pay it well, I can also prove it (Bank statement). I am very satisfied with a loan of 5000CHF.

Greetings, Anoeska

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