Can the Eu survive populism?


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In elections across Europe this year, populist politicians such as Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Frauke Petry are challenging the long-established parties, claiming that they stand for the people against out-of-touch elites. They have moved the battleground of politics from competing policy alternatives to competing identity claims. Are their challenges harmful or beneficial for democracy? Are their parties the future of politics or will they fizzle out? And how will the EU be affected by the populist explosion? Heather Grabbe is director of the Open Society European Policy Institute, which lobbies the EU to promote justice, rights, democracy and good governance more effectively through its policies, laws, funding and external action. She will discuss what populism is and what the different populists want, how politics is changing in Europe, and whether the best way to deal with populists is ostracism or engagement.

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Speakers: Full Circle, Heather Grabbe

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