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Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a dynamic form of yoga created by Dinah Rodrigues, which naturally helps to reactivate hormone levels and to effectively prevent or eliminate the symptoms of menopause. It will also benefit those women suffering from hormonal disorders (PMS, irregular periods, polycystic ovary, thyroid imbalance) and those who have difficulties getting pregnant due to low hormone levels. Through dynamic yoga poses, energetic breathing exercises, visualization and some Tibetan energy circulation techniques, HYT stimulates the glands associated with hormone production i.e. the ovaries, the thyroid and parathyroid, the hypophysis and the adrenals.

During the workshop we will slowly go through the sequence and explain the different exercises step by step. We will also look at some anti-stress and relaxation techniques. At the end you will get a copy of the sequence so that you can continue to practice it at home.

Contraindications: HYT is contra-indicated in pregnancy and with certain conditions such as active endometriosis, large fibroids, hormone dependent breast/uterine cancer or history of, undiagnosed abdominal pain.

About Lucia Vimercati: Lucia is an Italian yoga teacher, she started her yoga practice when she was a teen and completed her 4 years Hatha Yoga Teacher’s training (500 hours) at Yoga Lila in Italy in 2010. Her interest in Yoga brought her to explore different styles and her belief that health comes from a holistic approach, brought her to get further trainings as massage therapist, food therapist, macrobiotics and Ayurveda cook. She completed the Hormone Yoga Therapy Teacher’s training with Dinah Rodrigues in June 2015 and practices HYT regularly finding it very beneficial. For more info: www.luciavimercati.com

Register online on www.serendipspa.com or feel free to contact us at info@serendipspa.com or at +32 2 503 55 04 for further information.

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Early-bird price 55eur per person (only for reservations done by en

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