Restore + Relax


Serendip Spa & Yoga

Place Stéphanie 16, Ixelles, Belgium Map

Celebrate the end of month with the special evening event Restore + Relax in our studio. Perfect for having a Friday pampering plan, this 2-hour session will enable you to completely relax and stretch your body using restorative yoga poses while our Serendip therapists will massage away your worries and ease aching muscles. Enchanting music and our Serendip scents further create an environment to let go of tensions.

Open for anyone and everyone! Wear comfortable clothing. Dressing room space available especially if you are planning to go out on the town after the class .

The price for this workshop is 40eur per person. Register & pay in full in advance and you will receive a 5€ discount.

Register easily for this session on our website, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or at +32 2 503 55 04.

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 Helena Mahuas