Tribal Waters - Cambridge - 14th July 2019


Milton Country Park

Cambridge Rd, Milton, Cambridge CB24 6AZ, United Kingdom Map

So you've tried a muddy obstacle course, completed a triathlon or entered an open water swimming event but what next? Tribal Waters brings you the next big thing in 2019 with the UK's first water-based obstacle course. Test your fitness, your nerve and your determination with a series of challenges, each separated by short swim sections.

We've found three picturesque locations in the UK for our first year and each will feature 14 custom-built obstacles with climbs, slides, walls, balance beams, dodges and so much more! Designed in partnership with Europe's largest manufacturer of inflatables, we have drawn on their decades of experience to create these all new demanding, fun and awesome challenges!

We encourage teamwork and even if you don't enter as a team, we hope you'll assist your fellow entrants in completing the course. But why not put a group together and create a shared experience to remember? Whether it be the folks in the office, a sports club, students or just a bunch of active friends, we promise an unforgettable day!

As with all our events we do everything required to keep everyone as safe as possible and then we think of more things to add just to be sure. On the day there will be a team of medics on the land and a water safety crew continuously monitoring the course in case anyone experiences problems.


Early Bird - Adult Entry (Ages 18 and over): GBP 27.24,
Early Bird - Adult Group Entry (10 or more): GBP 24.58,
Early Bird - Junior Entry (Ages 14-17): GBP 16.58,
Adult Entry (Ages 18 and over): GBP 32.57,
Adult Group Entry (10 or more): GBP 27.24,
Junior Entry (Ages 14-17): GBP 16.58

Category: Sports / Leisure

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