Anwuluora Ebuka


Anwuluora Ebuka
 Anwuluora Ebuka
เพื่อน, การออกเดท, รายชื่อผู้ติดต่อทางธุรกิจ
Nigeria, South Korea


  • Anwuluora Ebuka
     Anwuluora Ebuka

    I need an official invitation to visit south korea.purpose is to work: please anyone who can help me with the invitation should write via email : [...] and i will pay back after visa has been issued.

    surname: Anwuluora
    other names: Ebuka Christian
    Nationality: Nigeria
    Date of birth 18/10/1991
    sex M
    date of issue passport: 29/6/2017
    exp: 28/6/2022
    passport number: A08358574

  • Anwuluora Ebuka
     Anwuluora Ebuka

    Hi I'm planning to get a Working Holiday Visa in two years where I will have the right to work in Korea up to 12 months. As I don't like cities, I can't speak korean and I can't teach english I was looking for opportunities in the countryside, in orchards picking or packing the fruit or warehouse jobs where language or qualification are not an issue. I know this is a very unpopular choice but I like the job and I think it's what I can do best. Is there any possibility to do it there? So far I found just an ad where the farmer was looking for foreigner to work in a seaweed farm in abalone and the wage was not that bad. Can anyone give me any info about it?