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Feuersozietaet widerruf failed I think?

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If anyone could help me, I'd be grateful.
In October I moved to Germany, but after a week my workplace, a hotel, closed. Meanwhile my German employer was pushing me to do all the documents. When I went to open a bank account, the bank clerk made me sign up for two insurance too, which I signed as my German is limited, especially my bank vocabulary. But I figured from the documents that I had 14 days to cancel the whole thing. I sent a letter to the address they stated.
A few days later I ended up going back to my country as no point to stay if I didn't have a job and in this uncertain time I knew the lockdown wouldn't end after 4 weeks. So I am not in Germany for about 6 weeks now.

Two days ago I got a letter from Feuersozietaet saying that I should pay the monthly fee here and there, again about 50 pages . (my former manager forwarded it to me to my country)
I sent them an answer, attached the anmeldebestetigung, the receipt from the post office and the proof of delivery that they received my widerruf, also, a screenshot, that even before that I sent an email to Oerag, asking about my options and nobody replied.

Is this enough? I sent the widerruf within 14 days, it's not my fault that they didn't reply. Can they make me pay still? Or what happens if they don't accept that I sent the widerruf?
Should I send them another email in a week's time if they don't reply? I closed my german bank account so they can't take money from it.
If somebody knows anything about this, I'd be extremely grateful, as since then I'm so nervous.

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    Firstly, I guess you learned never to sign something you din’t fully understand.
    Insurances often make it deliberately difficult to cancel a signed contract. But since you probably did everything correctly, just wait and let them resolve it internally. After all, there isn’t much they can and will do when you left the country and closed the bank account!

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