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Help my mom in fighting cancer

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Hello the respected community, my name is Zhuravskiy Vadim I am from a small town from Ukraine called Brody. I want to tell you what kind of difficult life situation was collided by my family my mother's name Larysa, she is a very cheerful and peace-loving person. In the very young childhood, we lost my father because of heart disease, and mom brought us up with her sister alone, taking care of us and helping that we would be worthy of members of society in what I am insanely grateful. Now my mom is 59 years old, over the past 5 months, she has suffered 2 very complex and expensive operations on the stomach cancer, but as it turned out metastases, it was impossible to do the surgery immediately because she lost too much weight and now simply will not transfer another operation. , the only output is expensive immunotherapy. Because of COVID-19, I lost the only way to earn money, applied to local authorities for help, but this Ukraine here should not wait for any help from power, nothing worries anyone. The total cost of immunotherapy is $ 5,000. I ask you who is not indifferent to someone else's grief help my family. Even a 10 $ will bring my mom to the opportunity to live a little more, I am very ashamed to ask you about help, but only with common efforts we can save your life to me a person, because human life is the most valuable in this world ...
Bank details of our family: 4441114429414400
Zhuravskiy Vadim
I sincerely thank everyone for the moral and material support, because I know that this world keeps and saving the people of value because of people like you!

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