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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Germany? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Germany community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Germany!

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  • Moses Onyango

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Düsseldorf forumu 

    I hope you will have have fun in this community.
    I also think i can help in answering the disturbing questions you have.
    What are your questions?.About German guys being players,i'm not sure coz i dont have German you have a german guy?.
    Have a great day,dear.Take care.

  • Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Düsseldorf forumu 

    hallo Leute..........
    iam new in Bonn............3 months old now,
    iam learning the Geran language awaiting to join a German University for my Masters Degree.
    I chose to be a member in this community because i would like to make friends,discuss different issues,get answers to many disturbing questions and above all have some fun.......

    Thank you all.

  • Chase Ellison

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Düsseldorf forumu 

    I joined the community... 35 minutes ago.. :-)

    Currently, I am investigating moving to Berlin. I've been well here at the moment many many times and have come to love it.

    Being the same as Oliver, I as well am looking forward to the discussions on here.


  • Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Düsseldorf forumu 

    I´m new here in the community and since 3 weeks I live iin Germany (Düsseldorf), hoping that I can find work as a language teacher or something else.
    I hope that with the help of the community I can find friends (because at the moment I don´t know many people in Germany). I really like the site!

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