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Hi there. My name is Kate and I'm 23. I am moving to Essen at the end of February from Chicago. The two flats my employers normally rent out are currently occupied and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions about where to find shared housing in Essen? I would be interested in renting a room. If anyone could make any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Mohamed Salah

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Essen forumu 

    Hello Kate,

    Do you mean the next February 2014? if so, do you need to look for an apartment as early as this? I wonder cause I will be moving to Essen in April 2014? so do I have to look for an accommodation currently?

    M. Salah

    Edit, I just noticed the date, it was since jan 2009.. sorry for the misunderstanding :)

  • Gerald Nunez kullanıcısının profiline gidin

    Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Essen forumu 

    check these link

  • Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi Silinmiş kişi : Essen forumu 

    I'm not sure about housing, but if you need any help adjusting to the city, just let me know! I've been here for about 2 years so I know a bit about the area, and it would be great to talk to another American (not many of us up in this area I think!) You should be able to contact me here - good luck with the move!

  • Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Essen forumu 

    Hi Kate,
    .html They offer lots of shared rooms. Wish you luck!

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