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Canadian in Linz

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Hi there, the original post was old but I was still getting some replies on it so I figured I'd stop by and update it. I'm still looking to make some friends, it's always nice to meet new people. I've been here now for 2 years and I speak German fairly well. I have a variety of interests and always enjoy meeting new people so feel free to shoot me an email at:




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  • Şu kişi tarafından gönderildi  : Linz forumu 

    Check out your page and really pick interest in exchanging words with you,wish to study in Linz,so can i know you better.

  • eugenia raciov

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    hi William
    im new to linz so i guess i cannot help you with your german(im trying to learn as fast as i can:))..but i would be glad to make some new friends to hang out with,so if u ever feel like exchanging ...thoughts:)) here.Hugs,Eugenia.

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