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How to check if Employment visa is under process

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I managed to get a tourist visa for my sister. During her stay here in Dubai, she managed to find a job but her employer advise her to exit in Keish. They only ask her to submit the authenticated copies of her school transcript, a copy of her passport and original photos.
We shouldered her expense and she is there for almost a week now. I want to ensure that the employer is really processing her employment visa, please advise me if there is a way to find out.

  • Abdul kaddir kullanıcısının profiline gidin

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    Ask your PRO or try to get your file number and check it online.

  • Samira Fato kullanıcısının profiline gidin

    Pleas i want know my hasband visa is in procese

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    E p 4164323

  • Muhammad Adnan kullanıcısının profiline gidin

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    Please can anyone help me tell me that how to check visa which is in under proses

  • Hassan A

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  • Mohammed Shaikh

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    you are welcome Laurie.

  • Laurie May Bautista

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    Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate your post. I am an engineer but I am not really aware of visa transactions and processing as my employer have arrange my visa n a short period.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Mohammed Shaikh

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    I would suggest you take the help of authorities.

    Please note following points :

    1. An employer should provide a formal offer letter if he is interested to hire a person.

    2. An employer should apply for labor permit for that person to Ministry of Labor ( if out of free zone) or the free zone authorities.

    3. Once labor permit approval is made, then he can apply for the visa for an employee. Only after which a person can enter the country and start the other processes like medicals and visa stamping on the passport.

    Hence, if the employer has provided your sister with offer letter and let you know the status of labor permit approval from the authorities then its on right direction.

    Waiting in another country for these processes to complete is somewhat risky and not advisable.

    I would suggest you to take help of authorities, understand the rules and follow it.

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